After many years of home cooking and baking and selling cookies at markets, I decided that I wanted to enter the culinary industry. Although I did attend a rigorous highschool and college, I never felt motivated in academia. I brought my love of food into college with me where I created a cooking club, and also planned and cooked for many large groups.

I will be making weekly posts about my experiences in London and my culinary program. I studied abroad in London before, but wished to return because I loved it so much. The large diversity of culture is what attracts me there. I am attending the Leiths School of Food and Wine for ten intense weeks where I wish to strengthen my skills to become a personal chef or baker in the near future. This blog documents my three months studying in London, living among British people and having amazing experiences with and without food.

The First Three Weeks
My Fourth Week at Leiths
My Fifth Week at Leiths
My Sixth Week at Leiths
My Seventh Week at Leiths
My Eighth Week at Leiths
My Ninth Week at Leiths

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