Saturday, March 23, 2013

La Belle Vie Lounge - Best food in the Twin Cities

Truffled Crêpe with Jambon Royal, Brie de Meaux and Slow-Cooked Egg Yolk 

Fries with Berneaise and Ketchup 

Polenta Crusted Prawns 

House Made Curry Truffle Chips 

Assortment of sweet bites 

To celebrate my birthday and my being home for spring break, my parents finally took me to the best restaurant in Minneapolis. We went to the La Belle Vie Lounge. I have been to the restaurant, but I had never eaten in the lounge before. The lounge is a lot cheaper than the restaurant. The food is very high quality and totally worth it!

The crepes were amazing. They were light, so I would recommend ordering something else too.  One bite of the chips will make you addicted and you will find yourself unable to stop eating them. The fries were not greasy and very crispy. I think these are the best fries in the Twin Cities. The creme fraiche sauce was rich, but savory and unique. I had a taste of my mother's prawns. They were very crispy and filling. I love how they always end the meal with an assortment of chocolates, cookies and other sweet delights, and to make it even better, they are free. 

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