Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Lynn on Bryant

My parents and I finally ate at the Lynn on Bryant. I've been dying to go there!! The restaurant is so charming. I ordered the Bryant Burger, which is a bulgur wheat and vegetable mash patty with goat cheese and cabbage slaw. It comes along with chickpea fries. The goat cheese was very light, the patty  was so crisp and tender, and the chickpea fries were rich, but delightful! My father ordered the Croque Madame, a broiled ham and gruyere cheese sandwich with a fried egg. I had a small taste. It did not taste like your typical ham and cheese sandwich. There was a very dignified sour taste. My mother ordered a cappuccino and it came in a small, adorable red tea cup. To finish off our meal, we got the chocolate cake. The frosting was very light and the cake was very moist. 

Today (March 23, 2013) I went back to the Lynn. I ordered the Baked Pancake along with the Frisee, Lentil and Lardon Salad with a poached egg. I was not expecting baked cranberries to be inside the pancake. It was surprising and fantastic. The salad was very light and authentic and the egg was cooked perfectly. I truly recommend eating at this restaurant.

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