Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ramen, Ramen, Ramen

Who doesn't love Ramen? This is probably the best pork ramen I have ever had in my life. It has noodles (obviously), pork, seaweed, egg and onions.  The restaurant is called Moto-i and it's in Minneapolis. They serve an abundance of different ramen dishes and even steamed buns!

Here is a photograph of Shrimp Ramen from the same restaurant.

Here is pork belly ramen from the restaurant Origami. It was amazing!

Another place to get ramen is at Obento-Ya. They only serve ramen as a special on Monday, and the ramen only includes ginger pork, seaweed and scallions. I will continue to search for places that serve ramen in the Twin Cities. I know for a fact that Fujiya, Masu Sushi and Robata serve ramen as well.

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