Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amazing Chinese Restaurant in New York City- A-Wah

This restaurant was extremely hard to find and small. but the food was very authentic and real Chinese. The owners barely spoke any English too. My family and I ordered fried buns, kung pao chicken and pork. I recommend this restaurant to any tourist in New York City that wants to have authentic Chinese food.

Not picture: Pork (The pork looked like pieces of bacon. Very delicious and tasty!)

Chinese Fried Buns
They weren't special, but they were fun. They tasted like a fried doughnut without any sugar. 
Kung Pao Chicken 
I love authentic Kung Pao Chicken. Every Kung Pao Chicken meal that I had in China was very light and not overly spicy like in the USA. This entree was very light and had a sweet taste to it too. The Kung Pao at Little Sichuan is sweet and spicy at the same time too.

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